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What's In The Soap Pot?

Our mild, non-drying soaps are a handcrafted blend of oils, rich, creamy, goat milk, lye, and unique scents. We selected sunflower, palm, coconut, and castor oils to provide lots of lather, big bubbles and cleansing qualities. We use combinations of essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs and spices to create our unique scents and look of our bars.​

By using our soaps you are avoiding the harsh irritants & drying compounds that can be found in most commercial soaps. Our soaps leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and pliable.  Be sure to take the time to find a place to keep your soap so it has a chance to dry out in between uses. 

Helm Acres Nubians

We are a foundation stock breeder providing dairy goats to discerning breeders and dairies.  We strive for a long-lived animal that will provide ample milk for our family and goat kids.