Soaps on the Trail

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Check our Facebook page for the farmer's markets we'll be at the in the coming months.  This is where you will find our pouring schedule and new soap introduction.
Helm Acres Nubians
Soaps in their purest forms are a reaction between vegetable or animal fats, oils, milk or water and lye. Handcrafted soaps are a quality blend of oils, liquid, lye and scents created by a skilled soap maker to create a mild non-drying soap.

There are a couple types of handcrafted soaps. It can be made from scratch or using a commercial pre-made base. The ingredients are carefully selected for their specific properties. They are then combined in a process that is called saponification to create the soap and glycerin. It is then cured so that it is mild to the skin. In the commercial soaps, the glycerin is usually removed from the soap to sell for other uses unlike the handcrafted soaps.

Our soap is created here on our farm from sunflower, palm, coconut, and castor oils with the rich and creamy milk from our own goat herd. We select oils to create lots of lather, big bubbles and moisturizing qualities while creating a hard long lasting quality bar. We use combinations of essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs and spices to enhance the scent of our soaps and to provide the exfoliants. From start to the finished product we are creating a bar that we ourselves, our family and our friends use everyday. During the curing time we take the time to carefully and playfully name our soaps.  

By using our soaps you are avoiding the harsh irritants and drying compounds that are in most soaps. It leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and pliable.  

We are sure that you can find a soap that can fill your various desires and a name to fit the occasion that you have.

Our business and farm is owned and operated by two USAF veterans. We are members of the Handcrafted Soap Guild and we are working on soap accreditation through them.